New Layout & new codes

Posted Apr 29, 2012. Filed under Relationship: Inui Sadaharu & Yanagi Renji.

[+] Million Men, the fanlisting for the relationship between Tennis no Oujisama’s Inui Sadaharu & Yanagi Renji has received a rename, a much-needed new layout, and 3 new codes.

Moved fanlistings + new layout & codes

Posted Apr 28, 2012. Filed under Musician: Nakagauchi Masataka, Character: Michael Trinity, Items: Gundam Sandrock, Character: Shani Andras.

[ + ] Otsukaremasa!, the fanlisting for the musician and actor Nakagauchi Masataka, has received a much-needed new layout and 21 new image codes.

[+] I’m allowing to expire in a few days, so the Gundam 00: Michael Trinity, Gundam SEED: Shani Andras, and Gundam Wing: Sandrock Gundam fanlistings have all moved to new homes here on pure-rhythm.

New Layout

Posted Feb 16, 2012. Filed under Series: Weiss Kreuz Gluhen.

[+] Glowing, the fanlisting for the series Weiss Kreuz Gl├╝hen, has finally gotten a proper layout (and some codes!). /unlazy

New fanlisting!

Posted Feb 15, 2012. Filed under Series: Bloody Monday.


[+] CHAOS, RIOT, and RUIN, the fanlisting for both the manga and live action versions of the fantastic series Bloody Monday is now open!

New fanlisting!

Posted Nov 26, 2011. Filed under Musician: Aiba Masaki.

[+] HELLOGOODBYE, the fanlisting for Arashi’sAiba Masaki, is now open for business! More codes coming soon :)